This season on the catwalks we saw a bit of a royal do what with the Queen’s Balmoral chic being heralded as a leading fashion trend as well as prim and proper bejewelled looks that would be fit for a queen. Pearls were another major trend within accessories so it could be the perfect time to update your jewellery box. While you may love the idea of draping yourself with emeralds, rubies and pearls there might just be one thing holding you back and that could be your budget.

But don’t worry since costume jewellery is better than ever and the perfect way to emulate both subtle and more ostentatious jewellery looks. You can easily pick and choose gorgeous pieces that are well within your budget for that stylish haute couture look that you’ve been dreaming of. With deals in the shops and those online like the ones on the Groupon costume jewellery page, it is easier than ever to find gorgeous pieces of jewellery that you will absolutely love. To help make sure that you stay at the front edge of fashion this season we’ve put together a few of our favourite pieces that would be fit for a queen without the price tag.

Perfect Pearls

When it comes to pearls this season, the bigger and more ostentatious the better! Forget subtle and understated this year pearls should be one of the most eye-catching things of your outfit and the size of pebbles if possible. For an eye-catching bracelet that embraces the trend perfectly, we love this pearl and diamante bracelet stack from high street brand Accessorize. With varying sizes of pearls as well a bit of sparkle thanks to the gems, this is a versatile addition to your jewellery box that is really reasonably priced too at just £10.

Chandelier Earrings

Be inspired by Buckingham Palace and their huge and stunningly ornate chandeliers when it comes to your earring choices for this season. Your earrings should be clipping your collar bones and completely un-missable, but don’t think that means they should be dainty though. Instead try to invest in a dazzlingly bejewelled pair like the absolutely stunning ones we’ve found here from River Island. Boasting hoops, bees, gems, chains and other details there is so much to look at with these earrings meaning that they have hit the trend perfectly on the head. You simply can’t miss with these show-stoppers which actually only cost £14!

Charming Choker

Chokers have been dainty and ladylike but in keeping with the ostentatious royal look, we are now seeing them become chunkier and more heavily decorated. We found this gorgeous crystal choker over on ASOS and we love it for its antique jewellery vibes that will set off your style to perfection. With a delicate floral motif and tiny crystals to really make it sparkle, you can use this subtle and expensive looking piece to either add a touch of class to your daytime outfit or to vamp it up come night time.